Playtech Releases Enhanced Version of Quantum Blackjack


While mostly known as a slot provider, Playtech has been present in every sector of iGaming. The studio has an impressive lineup of live casino games, including Quantum Blackjack. It’s one of the main reasons why the live Playtech portfolio has been so successful, adding layers of fun to a classic game of blackjack that players love.

Quantum Blackjack is a multiplier-boosted game of live blackjack where players can hit wins over 1,000x. Of course, the chances of hitting the bonus payout are not very high, but you still get a chance. Otherwise, it’s a classic game of blackjack where the goal remains to beat the dealer without busting over the count of 21.

How Does Quantum Blackjack Differ from Standard Live Blackjack?

The main difference between Quantum Blackjack and any other live blackjack variant is that a winning player’s hand turns into a push if the dealer busts with 3 cards. At the beginning of each round, multipliers are randomly assigned to 5 cards. If you’re lucky enough to be dealt one or more of these cards, their combined total is applied to your initial stake.

Apart from that, Quantum Blackjack is played just like any live dealer blackjack title. It was one of the most popular live casino games in Playtech’s portfolio, and the studio has now made sure that the popularity doesn’t fade. By introducing a few changes to the original Quantum Blackjack, Playtech has further refined the game with Quantum Blackjack Plus.

What Are the Enhancements?

Playtech has quietly given Quantum Blackjack and overhaul by releasing an enhanced version simply known as Quantum Blackjack Plus. It features a few subtle changes from the original while retaining all of its thrilling features, including the multipliers. The RTP has jumped a bit as well, making the new Quantum Blackjack version even more exciting than the previous one.

Here’s what changed:

  • The number of multipliers on each hand is either 3 or 5, compared to the previous up to 5
  • A maximum multiplier of 50x can be applied per card – it was 1,000x in total before
  • The enhanced version uses 6 decks instead of 8
  • You can now double split cards
  • All cards have the same multiplier value attached – x2.5, x3, x5, or x10
  • Multiplier cards are added together rather than being multiplier together
  • The RTP has gone up to 99.57% from 99.47%
  • The side bets RTP has been drastically reduced

All these changes make up for a more exciting ride. Quantum Blackjack Plus is now live in all Playtech online casinos. The game is much more playable now, with more multipliers on each card in fewer decks. Of course, when playing Quantum Blackjack Plus, it would be wise to deviate from basic strategies as you can split hands to get a multiplier without hurting the main hand.

Splitting is riskier now, but also more rewarding. With higher potential payouts per round, Quantum Blackjack Plus will be a huge hit for Playtech.

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