Evolution Gaming Shares a Sneak Peek of Its Latest Game, Golden Wealth Baccarat


Evolution Gaming is the de facto leader when it comes to live casino gaming. The studio has released dozens of hits so far and constantly raises the bar for other developers. Its portfolio is growing at a stunning pace, with new and improved releases of the studio’s classics. The latest such live casino game is Golden Wealth Baccarat, an enhanced oriental version of the popular Lightning Baccarat table.

Golden Wealth Baccarat is a richer version of the studio’s unique baccarat tables. It’s a magical trip with extras that make the game even more exciting. From AR features to multipliers on each round, Golden Wealth Baccarat is set to become Evolution’s new major hit.

Spread the Wealth

Lightning Baccarat was a pioneering title by Evolution Gaming. It made baccarat a big casino game once again, introducing multipliers that improved the action significantly, just like in Lightning Roulette. Those titles were the ones that established Evolution Gaming as the leader in live casino gaming. If anyone needed a reminder about how good the studio is, you can check out the teaser for Golden Wealth Baccarat on its Youtube channel.

It’s a unique oriental take on Lightning Baccarat that adds a wealth of extras. Compared to Lightning Baccarat, the new game comes with more frequent multipliers. That’s only part of the extra action. Golden Wealth Baccarat also has augmented reality features blended within the live game action that take the experience up a notch.

The elegant setting suits the game well. From the teaser released recently, we can see a VIP-style game on a table with golden-red felt. The game is considered a luckier version of Lighting Baccarat thanks to the more frequent and bigger multipliers.

A 20% Golden card fee is taken from each bet. In each round, up to 5 Golden cards are included. Every one of these cards comes with an attached multiplier between x2 and x8. Should you hit a win on a hand with one or more Golden cards, your winnings will be multiplied accordingly.

The wealth on the table is spread from an augmented reality pot. When the dealer deals a Golden card, golden stardust will be spread across the table, also showing the multiplier value. These unique AR touches make Golden Wealth Baccarat a deluxe-looking game and will surely draw new and seasoned players in.

First Person Perspective

Another unique addition is the First Person interface that Evolution uses in its most popular live casino games. It gives players a unique perspective, closely resembling land-based casino gambling. Just click the Go Live! button on the Golden Wealth Baccarat table and you’ll go through a portal that will take you to the first person perspective.

Thanks to this feature as well as the Augmented Reality pot and the multipliers, Golden Wealth Baccarat is shaping up to be the studio’s newest hit. We don’t have a release date for the game, but it should come by the end of the year.

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